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I'll tag some people later.... When I have enough friends to tag :P

EDIT: That's my backround, BTW, I was tagged by crimsonyght666

This is a piccie I drew, based of of the story 'Once Upon a Fairytale' (I think that's right) Sooooo... Enjoy!
http://lost.eu/59480 Everyone go there! I want some babies!
I wanna mrry costy!@ my love!
I want you! and daniel at the same time...
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<23 and kisses!
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I love yhouj gyks!
Marreyh me!
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I t makes me sober.... sorta.....................

    No one is really sure what caused it. Only two witnessed the tragedy. Only two know why. Both are the culprits. Both the victims. Neither will ever tell. A mystery of love and hate revolves around our two tragic heroes. Our two cruel villains.
    There is now beginning, and this may not be the end. As far as anyone can tell, it began when the two met. Nothing unusual. Boy meets girl. Soon, they become lovers. The boy initiated it, offered love. The girl followed like an abandoned pup, eager for his attention. From the outside, it was a perfect relationship. Each loved the other, neither so much as glanced at another. But ensuing events would prove it was far from perfect.
     As our two lovers progressed, a few signs of trouble began to show through. A bruise, a black eye, the more-than-occasional 'visit' to a friend's. Eventually the signs disappeared. There was still the occasional visit to a bar, one leaving the other to cry and worry while they drown their sorrow, but only occasional, and eventually, nonexistent. Paradise restored.
    Soon, the first ring was given and a promise accepted. Some thought it was too early, but those involved were ready. This time, rings were exchanged and a pair of vows accompanied them. They were happy and life seemed perfect. Still, our young lovers were not ready for their happily ever after.
    Only weeks later, half the duo returned to the bar. The other remained home and cried. This continued for days on end, with no foreseeable halt in the future. Until one drunken culprit stumbled into a silent house, to find alcohol on the lips of the other, accented by a bullet wound and tear-stained cheeks. A scrawled message shattered the lonely beating heart. Fresh tears soon joined those that had long stopped flowing. A knife soon provided fresh additions to the crimson floor. A knife left behind for others to see, joining the short message on the wall.

I love you for eternity.

    Three endearments were muttered through swollen lips and the two hearts joined in death. Silence resumed. Many hope the promise for eternity would ensure the lover's future meeting. Some prayed to unknown gods that peace would reign those tormented souls. But only two know the end. Our cruel lovers in death's dark embrace.
    Do two hearts, once broken beat as one? Are two lost souls knit together by faith? Will two wrongful deaths make a rightful place for our bloodstained lovers? No one will ever know. Our only witnesses lost their innocence when their hearts were stolen.

Bit of a drabble, I 'spose. *shrugs* Not that great. I was feeling suicidal, and this is my way of committing it without any strings attached. Plus I'm too much of a scaredy cat to do it... but anyway. Oh, I did a drawing a while back, it sux but it was fun. It is _sort of_ the 'note' the lovers left behind. Here it is:  http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52447210/
Don't know how to link yet... Yes that is my DA account.

If you read it and leave a comment, please also leave a word.
It can be any word. Noun, verb, whatever. But nothing like 'because' or 'him' PLEASE. In fact, leave more than one word! just, no more than six words per comment.... Thanks a bunch.


    When given a key, one has many options. Keys are made to unlock things, so the obvious thing would be to finds something to unlock. Many things can be unlocked by keys. Doors, chests, cabinets, drawers, cells. Anything that contains things can be unlocked, but not all locked things have keys. Sometimes keys are lost, or forgotten, even purposely destroyed. Not all keys are tangible. The key to unlocking fire is creating a spark. Even emotions have keys. Anger, happiness, heartbreak, love. All of the have keys. Whatever makes one happy is the key to happiness. The loss of one's key to happiness becomes the key to sadness. The same is true for love and heartbreak. Some, when given a key, choose to hide it, afraid of the contents of its secret container. One might ask oneself why. Why should anyone be afraid of a secret? why would one hide a key in fear of its secret? Maybe because not all keys lead to love. some lead to death and even the key to love can be twisted an mutilated, becoming the key to heartbreak. Some keys do not open boxes, just as some boxes are not meant to be opened. Often when one wants a box to stay locked, the box is created so any attempt to open it would en in the destruction of its contents. Unfortunately, on will never know without trying. If someone fears a secret, how does one know that the secret won't be good? The secret behind the lock could cur heartache, but if one is too afraid to tr, too afraid to force the box open, to find out if the box was made to be opened, one will never know. The key will never be used and it will cease being a key. It will become an object, a shadow of the key it once was. For keys unlock things, but if it doesn't unlock anything, it is no longer a key, but a symbol. A symbol of what could be of what was. A symbol of secrets, never to be revealed. Even if one chooses to turn it once more into a key, one must be careful. Careful it is the right key, and careful that the box is meant to be opened. if when one opens the box, the contents are obliterated, the secret is again lost. The key will become a symbol, never to be a key again. But if one is careful, secrets can be discovered. Love, happiness, hope, passion. All can e unlocked if one uses the right key. When given a key, one has limited options. One can either use the key to discover secrets, or forget it and let it become a symbol.
    Now I ask you. If I give you the key to my heart, will you use it, or will you keep it as a symbol of my love?


Butterfly's Mercy

Insanity. The one word that can describe my house right now. My brother, having recently decided on running around the woods surrounding my house like a madman was a brilliant idea, is growling loudly that he doesn't feel like talking. Having also misused his cellphone to talk to NewYork again, Mum wants him to 'come with' her to the computer. My goats are screaming, my dog howling and my cats mewling.

I take care of my animals, feeding them and giving them excessive attention. My brother and mother have progressed and are in his room screaming at each other. I sit down with my CD player and a boring educational book about Roman entertainment, for my Latin project.

Eventually, my mother has gone back to her consistent computer 'work'. Apparently, my brother has also changed the password on his phone, unblocked NewYork and sent about sixty texts to her. I really just want to slap him right now. I realize mom is stressed, so I walk upstairs to her, stopping to grab a brush. I brush her hair and massage her back, a good little daughter.

I go back to my Roman book and CD player. “Funeral of Hearts” by HIM rings in my ears. My brother, meanwhile, has crawled onto the roof from his room, and mom proceeds outside to get his cellphone code.

Suddenly, my brother is screaming for me, and, figuring he wants me to open his window and let him back in, I just walk onto our back porch. He screams my name again.

“What?” I ask, my voice irritated, but calm.

“Come out front, it's mom!” his voice sounds panicked now. I all but run back outside. Looking around for a ladder or something she fell off of, I see nothing. “She's over there.” he points.

She's on the ground, face in cement. I ask Bro what happened, but he says she just collapsed. She was crying and just fell. I run to her, rubbing her shoulder and pushing her hair out of her face. She opens her eyes and rolls onto her back, closing them again. Bro is now begging me to get him down, and mom whispers for me to do it. I go into our garage and work on pulling out our gigantic ladder. It's also the heaviest, and I'm in the middle of lifting it over our feed cans, when I glance up the driveway. Mom is slowly walking up it, swaying and acting drunk. I quickly pull the ladder out and help my brother down, acting much more calm then I felt. We walk up the driveway after her, me with a glass of ice water.

She has sat herself down next to it. I hand her the water and she tells Bro to turn the car around, to face the driveway, confused, he does so. Returning, mom begins another talk about stress, our family and such. Bro asks that I leave, so I do. I head to the back to feed Black. As I walk to her water, I notice a butterfly, flapping in it. Crimson red and black, it struggles in the water, trying to take of with wet wings. I lift it off the water and set it one the railing.

Feeling terrible for it, I watch it awkwardly crawl, flapping its wings. Then I notice that the back half of one of its wings is gone. I save it from drowning only to leave it in pain and unable to fly. Such an innocent figure, never to live. Knowing it will either become a cat toy or die of some other gruesome death, I lift it in my hand.

“Mercy killing.” I whisper softly,trying to justify my sinful cruelty. I drop the butterfly and take a step forward to return to my hectic life.

Just a random thing. If anyone reads it please comment. (I doubt anyone reads it....)
Sort of a note, NewYork is not spaced because I'm using it instead of a persons name. Same with Bro, that's not his name. Just too lazy to think of a good name.

I'm new to LJ and wanted to post, so I'm saying hello to everyone out there. Wanted to tell you guys all about me. Or at least a bit.

First of, my name's not really Alex, it just would be if I could change my name. Second, I'm a high school freshman. I write poems and some short stories, draw, sing, and I adore animals. In school, I'm a video gamer, smart girl who won't work, and flunks. I'm also an obsessive  rocker. Even though I'm new, my favorite band is H.I.M., second Three Days Grace. I'm bi, but tend to lean towards guys, with the occasional girl.

          More than you ever wanted to know about me probably.